Dive Schedule

Quality Time Divers caters to every diver, we do not restrict our guests to a specific daily schedule. We allow our guests to dictate their own time frame, one of our rules is “NO STRICT SCHEDULE”. This also allows you to have extended bottom time granted your air and computer allows it. If you want to sleep in while on vacation, no problem! If you want a full day of dives, no problem we are always ready to go! We are here to make your dive vacation the best it can be.

It is our goal for divers and students alike to experience a high level of customer service. We are committed to your group, have highly experienced staff, and focused on the absolute safety of our guests. Students receive personal attention and time schedules are set based on their individual needs.

If you have a specific dive site you want to see or a style of diving you like to do, let us know and we can arrange it. If you want to go farther afield for a day trip with multiple dives, tell us. We will do everything possible to meet your every desire.