Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Roatan is an absolute dream for most divers. Dive sites are mere minutes away, the reef is healthy, and you get to see amazingly diverse marine life. With many years working in the diving industry on the island, our dive professionals have expert knowledge of the reef and will always provide you with VIP treatment.

Whale sharks pass by Roatan occasionally, hammerheads, and nurse sharks are often spotted at our most popular sites, as well rays, turtles, and moray eels. Macro life is just as diverse, offering interested divers the ideal opportunity to spot nudibranchs, seahorses, and many other small critters. Scuba diving in Roatan is truly incredible.
The Roatan Marine Park has designated over 50 dive sites along Roatan’s northwestern shore. From our dock in West End, we can reach any of those dive sites in 2-20 minutes. As supporters of the Roatan Marine Park we offer to sell $10.00 bracelets which go towards the conservation efforts of the park as they are contributing towards the health of our reef.

We offer PADI courses via eLearning or in our classroom. Some prefer to take the >e-learning course prior to their arrival to Roatan because internet speed is slow compared to what they are accustomed to. This way they can maximize their time below water and getting in on other adventures around the island. Should you decide to take the course in our classroom you have the option of doing so in our air-conditioned room or on the nice big deck. Our private deck is one of the largest decks on the water in West End if that is more of what you are looking for, the radiant sunshine.

We are well versed with PADI standards. Our instructors have certified enough students that they have the skills memorized. They do outstanding job. With their many years of experience, they never miss the look of a nervous or struggling student. This is where passion for diving shines through the instructor. Not having time constraints is also important as the instructor works with the student to figure out what makes him/her feel comfortable. Sometimes it is as simple as doing more snorkeling exercises with scuba gear in confined water. At Quality Time Divers, we believe the confidence associated with a seasoned instructor is what some students need to help them get over their initial fear of diving. Setting the occasion for learning, creating the affinity and comfort level to gain confidence and competence as divers is our focus and has been for years, even before we established Quality Time Divers


We are proud supporters of the Marine Park and offer to sell the bracelet for $10.00 dollars to our guests. The contribution goes to paying for moorings, community outreach programs, pays for the daily and nightly patrols of the park in addition to other conservation efforts. Contact the Roatan Marine Park to find out other ways of supporting their conservation efforts and how you can name your own dive-site.

All boats and the shop is equipped with DAN oxygen kits in the unlikely event they are required. Because your safety is important, we invested in an AED. We hope to never do more than scheduled maintenance and checks on our Phillips Heartstart but we prefer to be prepared. We do not cut corners for anything especially when it comes to your safety. In addition to O2 kits our boats are equipped with flare guns, first aid kits, life jackets, and cell phones.